Monday, December 27, 2010

Welcome to Trish Craft Expressions

Welcome to my first blog as Trish Craft Expressions.  I am a professional scrapbook artist.  I love to make scrapbooks to highlight memories and tell storeis about the special moments of our lives.  I started scrapping in the year 2000 in california.  I really got deeply involved and began to make books in 2007 when i moved to Georgia.  Before then i would do a little scrapping here and there but really didnt good at it until i found myself have more time on my hands and with nothing to do.  First i was creating books for myself and one teacher saw my work and asked me to make a book for her friend who was having a baby and she paid me for the book.  That was the beginning of my business which was first name Trish Craft Cafe until 2010 i changed the name to Trish Craft Expressions.  I found that i like to express what going on with the picture,  i like to make the picture talk to you.  I owed my creativity to God cause it was him who gave me the hands and talent to create such lovely memeories.  My business theme is "To create is a talent from God, to dream is a vision from God and to express is a voice from God.