Sunday, July 29, 2012

Military Layouts

My best friend from 3rd grade retired from military and is working on her scrapbook of her retirement ceremony.

This is my father who is deceased.  He served two branches, Air Force and Army and since i was helping my friend with her book i thought i scrap these pics of my father Herman Harris, Jr.

My mother asked me to make sympathy card for one of her friends who son passed away. i think it turned out cute.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

 Rose paper with Couple image from Robert Jackson collection and the quote from stamp
 my uncle in Tacoma, Washington turn 75 and this is the card i made him
this is one of the pages from the mini book i made for a friend

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Cards for July

 Robert Jackson Image
 Robert Jackson Image Preacher 1
" Wishes are the magic in our heart that cause beautiful things to happen" a quote i found online
Together with stamp image of rose in the bottle

Thursday, July 12, 2012

File Folder mini book

I took a file folder that i found on you tube and created this mini book for my friend Lamont

Thinking of You Mini Card (both Sides)

 I made this mini card for a friend of mine in california who need some uplifiting. I took 4x12 paper and scored it at 3, 6, 9 and folded  and created on both sides.
 I have many friends with whom i 've shared my time, but very few with whom i've shared my heart
 Rose image is by Robert Jackson, the quote in my friend, i find a second self
 other side of the card  first image by Robert Jackson, and the last image was given to me so i dont know who it is by
 Cherish-A good man is hard to find never take them for granted
a little note to my friend and a little girl saying follow your heart

Mod Podge Sketch Challenge

A new african American Scapbook website has come out and you should check it out.  the name of is Mod Podge Designs Scraps  created by Qadiah Gomez and Meka Matthews.  The link is  I did the sketch challegne and here it is.
Ms Tee's Hair is the name of this page.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Scrapbook Expo Pics

 Trish with my mother Emma and her friend Juliet, I have been teaching Ms. Juliet every wednedsday how to scrapbook.  She is working on her book for her 4 year old granddaugher and my mom already have the scrapping bug in her is also helping her and working on her own retirement book.
 Sharon Scott was one of the great ladies that i had the pleasure of scrapping with at a retreat in Jasper, GA.  Sharon we got this !
 Great group of Scrapping friends to hang out with at an expo spending money
 Tara , Diane, and Me were almost walking out the door we have spent all of our money.
 Charmange is working at the Paper Wizard booth at the expo. 
 Is she lovely!
Trina W, Tara, and Me.  Trina only spent 30.00, i need her to tell me how she able to do that without using her credit card.

scrapbook expo

 tara mason and diane roney
 Diane and Trish
Tara and Trish

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rose Happy Birthday

The rose and Shoe image are both by Robert Jackson and this card was made for an lady in the choir at my church,

4th of July

These are the cards i made to give to friends to wish them an happy 4th.  The children images are by Robert Jackson