Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Scrapbook Expo Pics

 Trish with my mother Emma and her friend Juliet, I have been teaching Ms. Juliet every wednedsday how to scrapbook.  She is working on her book for her 4 year old granddaugher and my mom already have the scrapping bug in her is also helping her and working on her own retirement book.
 Sharon Scott was one of the great ladies that i had the pleasure of scrapping with at a retreat in Jasper, GA.  Sharon we got this !
 Great group of Scrapping friends to hang out with at an expo spending money
 Tara , Diane, and Me were almost walking out the door we have spent all of our money.
 Charmange is working at the Paper Wizard booth at the expo. 
 Is she lovely!
Trina W, Tara, and Me.  Trina only spent 30.00, i need her to tell me how she able to do that without using her credit card.


  1. How cool...Loving the photos. Keep them coming. Trish is your bag filled with lots of scrappy goodies!

  2. Love the pics!! I only spent $30 by thinking about all the shopping I had just done and reminding myself of my bills! :D I normally don't carry cash and can tell you that if that hadn't been in my pocket from my morning tutoring session, I would have pulled out the credit card and gone crazy! ;D